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Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done. - Robert A. Heinlein

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About Security Break

My name is Thomas Roccia (aka @fr0gger_).

I am a Security Researcher working on threat intelligence, malware analysis, incident response, Python... but I do have interest in many other topics including mentoring and teaching, open-source, hacking, 3D printing and even blockchain ecosystem.

Security Break is an umbrella name, a home for most of my projects. Here you will find a portal dedicated to my community and professional projects as well as occasionally some experimentation on 3D printing, electronics and more. Security Break is also the structure that hosts my freelance projects to which I contribute from time to time. For any enquiries, public speaking or other, feel free to reach out here!

Imagine a melting pot concept where the main subject is cybersecurity, its derivatives and beyond.

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Technical blogs about python, malware, reverse engineering, career tips and more.

Unprotect Project

The Unprotect Project is an open database to get more knowledge about malware evasion techniques.

Jupyter Collection

A Jupyter collection that provides several handy Python tools to use during your investigation and threat research.


A list of our available courseware. For now only available in French but completely free.

Maker Break

Maker break is our lab where we publish content on 3D printing, electronics, digital art and more...


Contact us for any public speaking, blogging invitation or services.

Unprotect Project

An open database of malware evasion techniques that allows threat researchers to learn more about the most common evasion techniques. Find techniques, code snippets, Yara, Sigma, Capa rules and more...

Try the the Unprotect Platform

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Free cybersecurity courses in French.

Blog 1
Digital Forensic & Incident Response (FR)

DFIR, Malware

Learn how to perform a digital forensic investigation during an incident response. Learn more

Blog 2
Security Monitoring & ATT&CK Matrix (FR)

ELK, Monitoring, SOC

Learn how to monitor your system and network to identify malicious activity. Learn more

Blog 3
Secure your website with OWASP (FR)

Web security, OWASP top ten

This class will explain in details the OWASP top ten and how to secure your website. Learn more

Security Break Channel

The Youtube channel offers video content on cybersecurity and malware. The content is mostly in French. It also contains a playlist of some of my public speaking.

Visit the Youtube Channel

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Blogs from Security Break

Threat research, security blogs and tools.

Blog 1
Security Infographics

Security tips

The security infographics is a collection of cheatsheet and infographics related to threat intelligence, malware and threat hunting. Learn more

Blog 2
10 books for malware analysis and reverse engineering

Learning, RE, Malware

Learn more about Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering with this selection of books. Learn more

Blog 3
Maker Lab

Makerlab, 3D printing, electronic

Ever wanted to learn more about prototyping, electronic, 3D printing this section is for you. Discover the latest posts here. Learn more

Supporting my work🖤

Most of my projects are completely free to access and reuse. However, most of these projects have associated costs such as hosting, subscription, hardware, and most importantly, time.

If you like what I produce, want to contribute and support my work so I can produce more, you can share my work, subscribe to my newsletter, hire me or just send your support on Twitter.